Search Land Records of Maharashtra Online Now!

Whenever one wants to buy land, the ownership of the land becomes and issue for him. The land records of Maharashtra now ca be serached onlin free of cost . This is one of most important step for solving uncertainty and confusion while purchasing the land in state. So here are the steps:

Step1. Visist the site You will reach here

Step 2. After Clicking “Query ” , you will reach to next screen where you will have to select the Distrct, Taluka and Village.

Step3 :After this , you will rech to next screen where three types of search can be done
By Area Enquiry
By Tenure enquiry
By Holder Details

Remember to read the disclaimer given by NIC .


  1. fer far milel ka?

  2. fer far milel ka? rply.

  3. After clicking Query and filling in the district/taluka/village details the Area/Tenure/Holder Query details do not pop up at all. Can you tell me what could be the issue

  4. hey man i am not able to open it on my pc
    what to do
    my id
    pls help men

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